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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 7, 2017 2:05am-2:45am EST

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we go on the road in the situation we are now. we need to find a way to play our best hockey. >> in clear water the phillies have the day off face the tigers tomorrow and roy halliday will join them as a guest instructor. >> still ,$8drw
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>> college basketball, temple finished 16-15. owls play the tournament against
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ecu. conference tournament gives the owls a chance to hit the reset button on what's been a tough season. >> after one game, it's hopefully advanced where it's not next game we'll do better. it's one and done, one shot. i think we are ready for it. >> boys high school hoops, woodbury defeats pals barry. the thundering herd move on to face the finals on wednesday. first we start with turnovers, then get it going. we never look back, open the lead. it was a team effort. i couldn't be more happy. on the girl's side, isabel goes the length for the buzzer.
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cherokee wins by two. jimm"jimmy kimmel live" next on channel6. "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards, matt o'donnell and karen rodgers with traffic. cecily tynan, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner.
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it's an all new show right now "right this minute." traffic cops try to put a clamp on the woman's car. the womanhe proves who is in the driver seat on this one. >> jason bourne is like, whoa. the flowers are piling up. >>33 bouquets to be exact. >> see who is puzzled by the fragrant surprise. pranksters stage a fight. >> but they fold it too well. >> the trouble went off and cops aren't in on the joke. >> a enthe world's most pampered gator. >> i'm not sure other gators are getting foot massages and pedicures. >> see how willie is living the life. >> actually better.
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people are crazy these days. this woman in mexico city saw somebody put a clamp on her car. she's not having any of it. say are going back and forth. she's like, uh-huh, i'm not going down the path. >> is her car the red one in the middle of the street? >> yes, that's her car. >> gee, i wonder why that got the attention of the police. >> as they continue to try to lock her car down -- >> she continues to give them the boot. >> how they are not putting her in cuffs? >> because they are just enforcement? >> i don't think police officers would stand up for that kind of behavior. >> as she continues the scuffle, she squirms into the car and into the driver seat. she starts to back up -- and she's out of there. >> she got away.
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>> somewhere in this world, jason bourne is like, whoa! some folks in florida in traffic, also caught this road rage situation going down. >> this guy has pepper spray by this other guy right here. >> they got into a little scuff scuffle. >> wait a minute, pepper spray has been deployed. >> look at this kick at the bmw. the bmw driver wasn't having it and starts to punch on the window. >> pow! >> breaks the window and deploys pepper spray again. >> oh, my goodness. this is so stupid. >> now the guy in the truck jumps out. now more pepper spray. >> the man needs to check the expiration date on the pepper spray. it looks like silly string. it's not affecting the guy. >> grabs an iron pipe. comes back to take a swing. the bmw driver takes off and hops back in his truck. >> these guys were ready for trouble. >> we did put a call into police but haven't heard back. you're at work and suddenly all kinds of different people
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start coming in. >> what in the world is going on? >> recording this video is her niece. >> there's a lot of flowers, not just one. >> 33 bouquets to be exact. >> what have i forgotten? oh, thank you. >> so, do you know what this means? >> yeah, i'm going to be watering flowers all day. >> the last bouquet is her daughter walking in to say -- >> you're going to be a grandma. >> no, i'm not. are you serious? no. yes, i mean. >> she seems to be pretty emotional about it. >> that's because they never thought that her daughter would actually be able to be pregnant. she's 36 years old. and they had tried a few months
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ago and found out she had endometriosis and a cyst. but they treated her. and -- >> are you sure? >> uh-huh. >> she got pregnant. and so she couldn't wait to reveal to her mom -- >> 36 1/2 weeks pregnant. so you have 33 weeks left and 33 bouquets of flowers. you guys remember our buddy, copper murphy, the guy who is a walking laundromat with his abs? he likes to get himself out on the street, tear off his shirt. this case he's in austin. he may have taken things a little too far this time. he's gotten in a fight in the middle of sixth street downtown austin. just as the guy in the red shirt is about to swing, two austin police officers just take him down, break up the fight. then the officer turns over to
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conner and puts him in cuffs and takes him down to the ground. this was not supposed to happen. in fact, the guy in red wasn't about to punch conner at all. >> we wanted to make it look like we were about to get in a fight. and then right before he goes up and punches me, we break into a silly dance to show everyone it is a joke. >> so me putting up my hand is a signal to start the dance with a handshake or whatever you want to call it. >> that guy is brandon carter. he's a friend of conner. they workout together. also a youtuber. this is a collaboration video. the guys set out to set up a fight to pretend they are about to fight. and then just as brandon was about to strike, they were going to do this routine. >> a little -- >> they sold it too well. austin police not finding it funny. even after the two guys explain to the police officers what they were doing, they released conner and took brandon in. austin police arrested him and
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accused him of failure to comply. i watched the video a number of times, and i don't quite see where he was resisting. in fact, i don't think brandon even had a chance to resist because these cops essentially came from nowhere and took him down. >> so at some point in the 1.8 seconds between them tackling him and getting him on the ground, he's apparently resisted enough that he has to go to court? he was on the floor, he wasn't fighting. >> conner says he'll take a break from the pranks for a while because this shook him up quite a time for blind versus blindfolded. connie edison who is blind, also a traffic reporter and a film critic, has a traffic channel where he's joined up with christia. in we start with keys. >> i'm going with the blind guy. they have heightened senses that the blindfolded dude isn't going
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to have. >> he'll have a key ring with four keys on it. and only one will unlock the door. let's see who gets in quicker. >> we'll try the first few here. and the first key works. >> he just got lucky. >> well, he's that good. >> let's see what he says. >> i got lucky. >> he agrees with you, nick. >> let's see how kris does. >> not that one. i have to keep trying. >> took him a little longer. >> and i'm in. the fourth key. >> well, i told you. told you. >> luck was in tommy's favor there. i want to see what else he can do. >> the next challenge is to find a remote control, a pair of sunglasses and a $20 bill that has been placed in the back half of his room. >> i have found one thing. >> well, he found the remote. he accidentally found the sunglasses. but the $20. >> the money is going to be the hard one to find, isn't it? >> you can see the $20 over there near the corner. >> $20. make you holla!
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>> oh, all right. >> both of them were able to find all the items. >> all right, let's see how we did finding all the items. ready? one, two, three. three minutes. >> 34 seconds. >> that's pretty good. >> a third competition, interesting. they have to pair socks. >> i have two pair that are just not together here. so hold on. yes, that is one pair of socks right there. that's one. >> this one could be a match with this one here. i usually wear mismatched socks anyway. >> it is hard to do sighted. >> wow. >> final time. >> the pairing was hard. >> he puts on a jet pack. >> that he's been working on with a scientist for about a month. >> watch him go. >> i'm just watching the video. >> yeah, it's super cool. plus, her man had a night
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closed captioning provided by -- breakthrough allergies with allegra®. your parents are always nagging to get outside and play with your friends. then they call, time for dinner, honey. when you find yourself in this predicament, this is what you do. he's out there skiing with his friends and gets the call, lunch is ready. get your butt over here. >> thank goodness for gravity. >> thank goodness for jet pack. because that's exactly what happens. he puts on a jet pack that he's been working on with a
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scientist. he's getting roughly up to 75 miles per hour. >> hold on, this is real? the jet pack is making him go this fast. >> yes, he did create this. there's a helmet on his head. >> where was this at when we were kids and had to be home before the street lights? >> oh, please. you splattered yourself against the wall and me, too, because we had red bull. >> i'm lost for words. i'm just watching the video. it's great. >> yeah, it's super cool. especially when you learn that this all started as a challenge on instagram. someone challenged him to do this. in fact, even drew a pretty cute little picture. >> i've seen that cartoon. normally it was a coyote that said acme on the back. >> then he reached out to a technician that also applied, challenge accepted. >> it's like, wait a minute. are my eyes playing tricks on
2:27 am
me? >> that's insane, man. >> don't you worry, he makes it home just in time. puts his jet pack down and knocks on the door. he sits down at the dinner table and enjoys that wonderful meal that his mom made him with lots of love. every action has an equal and opposite reaction. the action in this case is the husband or boyfriend who has been out on the town with his buddies. they have had a few drinks. what's the reaction the next morning? >> he in trouble. >> not so much. it's more, you're asleep, you can still taste the kabob in your mouth and then suddenly -- >> morning, rise and shine. >> ah! the sun is now in your eyes. >> but it's morning, honey. it's time to wake up and have a wonderful day. >> go away! >> we worried about the curtains open. time for some sarcastic
2:28 am
questions. >> how's the head? >> swirling. >> it's your own fault. >> no hangover is complete without a guilt trip, thank you very much. >> okay, now listen up to the audience here. where do we think this goes next? >> without the honey do list, this is what you promised to do today, let's get going. >> down the road, like what your parents did sleeping in on saturday or sunday, just start making noise. >> oh, that's a good one. >> it is. >> how is it going? >> i thought she was going to vacuum. >> thank you very much. because that's exactly what is next. >> it's true, i'm sorry. >> why? >> you got to vacuum and dry your hair because, you know, you've got a day to start. >> what happens when you go out and get drunk? don't you want your hair held back and --
2:29 am
>> that's what our girlfriends are for. it's monday. that means -- >> time to get crispy this minute in history. >> starting with a dude trying to lift himself up. >> wait, what? >> then a s.w.a.t. team's impressive action. >> no way. >> wow! look at that. and he's riding it out on his boots. >> you know how many people would skid if you could just go down on your boots. >> watch and decide. ebaum's world is next.
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like us on and stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. >> the world is in a kerfuffle. and we go to the sultan of real or fake, mac dreidle. >> mac-d, time to get crispy this moment in history. >> all right, here we go with video number one. >> so they got a prank here they are trying to make this guy, fool him into thinking he can lift himself with a bucket hand. >> wait, what? >> look at him. >> no. no. no. >> come on, buddy. keep pulling, you got it. oh, does your back hurt? >> he's there for an internship or something, just picking on the young kid out of school or something. >> listen how they are playing
2:33 am
on this kid. >> i'm going to go out there and say fake. >> what? >> no, that is totally real. >> that dude got played. >> i guess i'm the only one chasing after it here, what do you say, mac? >> i'm with the majority. it's a set-up. they are just picking on this guy at work. when the clip ends, he finally realizes he's been had and has to shamefully walk away. i'm with you guys, this is real. >> all righty. here's video two. looks like a s.w.a.t. team in action. looks like they have some bamboo. >> that -- no way. >> wow. look at that. oh, no. >> he's got a -- you can see the grip on tend. >> yeah, but he also has to have a wire and a harness. no way you would just walk up the side of a building like that. >> the second guy lost his footing. i'm totally going real. >> i say it's possible. >> yeah, i guess -- yeah, i guess it's real.
2:34 am
>> what say you, charity? >> i think it's real in my mind. >> we are real with this one. >> this is a demonstration at the vietnamese tactical team was putting on, totally stealth, fast. my only issue is you have to somehow get the 30-foot pole around, which isn't too easy. here we go with video number three. okay, if you notice, his skis are on his shoulder but he's going down the mountain. >> he's going through powder. so we can't see him. >> he's got a pair of skis on, he's just carrying somebody else's skis? >> here's the set-up for this video. is that this guy's binding broke. so he had to carry his skis down on the slope, but he just decided to ride it out on the boots. >> you know, how many people would skip buying the skis if you could just go down on your boots? >> come on, i'm going to say fake i just don't think you can
2:35 am
get down that smoothly and easily. >> i think fake, too. >> fake. >> fake. >> fake. what say you, titan of truth? >> you were definitely all wrong on this one. he claims it's real and is going 100% real. we are going to have to let the viewers decide on this. >> that's the new phrase, no skis, no problem. thanks, mac. see you next week. >> all right, guys. she adopted an unusual pet. >> how does one adopt something like that? >> a look at the world's most spoiled alligator. >> dressing her up and painting her nails is more fun for me. >> come on. ♪
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>> the rush is good. i'm not sure there's other gators that are getting foot massages and manicures and seem to enjoy it. >> hey, girl! >> this gator is obviously a pet. she's the years old and was adopted at two-and-a-half days old by angela lantz. >> how does one adopt something like that? >> in pennsylvania you're able to have a pet alligator. that's where she lives. and she went to a breeder. >> she's pretty closed to being the most pampered gator in the world. she's definitely spoiled. she does have a tiara. she has sunglasses. dressing her up and painting her nails is more fun for me.
2:40 am
>> come on. >> most people think that alligators cannot be domesticated. and they are 100% accurate. but they can also be docile. she hasn't bitten anybody. >> this is a small one, when you know that will stay that size? or in 20 years will it be a ton? >> she says she will continue to grow because she is a female and in captivity she will probably not reach the 10, 12, 15 feet. >> there's no indication if she have keep her once she gets to her full size, but for now -- >> they will release it with the painted nails. >> i got her when she was two-and-a-half days old. and she's been like my baby since. >> angela is the god gator mom. she says --
2:41 am
>> i don't get close enough to let her bite me, to be completely honest. >> maybe she is hanging around long enough to get a purse out of the deal. >> she found out some guy is having alligator bad situations. she went and rescued it and turned it over to the animal sanctuary. this is not something she takes lightly. and she lives in a state that allows her to keep one. >> what other state does she live in? i've never seen one be dolled up and had their fingers painted. >> this is cold-blooded. >> she takes lily gator for a walk out on a leash. she does think about the habitat and life she has. there are no predators here. she gets a lot of attention and affection. i really think she likes that. >> i want to be the gator's buddy. >> come on. >> i want to be the gator's friend. >> yes, baby. thanks for spending time with us today. has a lot more fun videos. check it out. or we'll see you on the next brand new episode of "right this following
2:42 am
heart surgery on february 15th. to replace a valve and repair an aortic aneurysm. >> we do have another passing to report this morning. tcm host, robert osbourne passed away at his home in new york ci city. he's best known for introducing countless movies. he was 84 years old. the issue of transgender path room access the back in the headlines. the supreme court is leaving the issue of rights in schools to lower courts for now. and there was a major backlash. >> another state is considering a similar law. jim ryan has more on that battle. >> reporter: republican lawmakers from texas and north carolina are joining forces to
2:43 am
pass what's called the texas privacy act. a so-called bathroom bill similar to one in place in the tar hill state. it would require people to use public restrooms according to their biological sex, not their gender identity. >> we'll be next to focpass a b that focuses on privacy and protecting children and adults. >> reporter: supporters don't want to violate anyone's rights. >> this is an issue about doing the right thing. unfortunately, it's not an issue about the transgender community. it's not an issue about the lgbt community. >> reporter: in austin, texas, leaders in the business arts communities are united in opposition. they say texas could lose hundreds of millions to threatened boycotts if the bill becomes a law. >> we've heard from the ncaa that they will not bring events to texas if this legislation is
2:44 am
passed. >> reporter: and they say the bill is discriminatory. >> it's intolerable our government should seek to punish an entire community of innocent people on the excuse that some criminally minded people might commit acts against which we have laws. >> reporter: the supreme court has declined to hear a case of a transgender student who says it gives him the right to use the boys bathroom at his high school. the issue is almost certain to be back before the justices. possibly in the next supreme court term. jim ryan, abc news, dallas. the police have made a quick arrest in an on camera attack of a friend, a reporter. >> reporter: this is what happened. a guy in a jason mask came up from behind while he was live on the air. you can see the confrontation that played out after. he gets shoved to the ground. he is okay.
2:45 am
his facebook page says the suspect is now in custody. no word yet on any charges. >> he told me friday night he just had a few bruises and scrapes but nothing big. he's upset the guy wouldn't let him go. frightening. coming up, there's a mystery surrounding richard simmons. everyone wondering where is he now? >> and is he being held hostage as some reports claim? you're watching "world news now." break through your allergies. introducing flonase sensimist. more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. break through your allergies. new flonase sensimist. ♪


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